Operations, whether major or minor, can take a toll on your cat’s mood. You can expect them to be grumpy and not like their usual self after the surgery, which can last for a few weeks. Though they may be a little less accommodating and friendly during these times,  they still long for your comfort and care so it is important for you to assist them and help them exercise to make their wounds heal faster.

Today, we are going to talk about 3 Exercises You Can Do with Your Cat after their leg surgery..


1. Take them for a Walk

The most important part of leg surgery rehab is taking your cat for a walk. Most cats do not like being on a leash, so you have to be patient. Do not force them to walk as this can only make things worse. Try putting them on a leash, and wait for them to be comfortable enough to walk on their own. Remember not to pull them, it will be less stressful for them if they see a calm and patient energy radiating from you. Eventually, they will be accustomed to this and it will be easier for them to take walks on a leash.


stretch2. Let them Stretch

Avoid confining your cat in a small cage – instead, get a big cage where they can be comfortable enough to stretch. Stretching is important for your cat post-op, as this helps the bones and the wounds to heal faster. Avoid having them jump around and pounce on toys, as this can only make the wound gape, which means that you would have to come back to the vet for another round of stitches. Let them inside a cage for a few weeks until the doctor tells you it’s safe to let them out. Kitty Kat Recovery and Recuperation’s custom-made cages help a lot in this situation. The cages are made for recovering feline and help them adjust easier until they are fully healed and back to their usual routine.


3. Encourage them to Walk by Giving them Treats

If they do not grow accustomed to the leash and they refuse to take structured walks, then go ahead and give them their favorite treats. Put the treats in your hand and have them walk to you to encourage a little bit of walking. Doing this for two to five minutes a couple of times a day is necessary.

Be patient when helping your cat cope with their post-op surgery. Follow the veterinary’s instructions and have your cat walking normally again in no time. Remember to keep tabs of your cat’s progress so that you can let your veterinarian know during check ups. We love vets that are nice and warm to our fur babies and definitely recommend Baldivis Vet Hospital. Their friendly staff are easy to approach and are always there to help with questions.

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