Like us humans, Cats that are overweight can easily develop certain diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, non-allergic skin conditions, respiratory problems, and so much more. It’s best to visit the vet every once in a while and have them weighed and checked. This is important even if you are not seeing any type of problem when it comes to their health. Your vet can provide with a proper diet for your cat, so you can make sure that your kitty will always be within a healthy weight.

There are a few things that you can do to help prevent your cat from being overweight or obese. Below is a list of things you can follow to keep them in just the right weight:


1. Portion their Meals

Schedule meal times for your cat. (Note: meals are not once a day so you can’t use “specific time of the day”). Measure their meals and portion them properly to prevent your cat from eating too much. Do not succumb to those mesmerizing eyes when they are begging you for food – teach them to wait and curb their appetite by being firm with food measurements. It may take a few tries, because — duh! We can’t resist those big eyes and sweet meows! But keep in mind that we don’t want them getting sick so stick to the plan.


2. Have them Exercise

Sure, cats love sleeping most of the time, but you have to make sure that your cat exercises every once in a while. If you can and if they are willing to, take them out for a walk at the park. It is harder for cats to get accustomed to a leash, so you have to be extra patient when it comes to this. Another way to get them to move and play is to get interactive with them. Buy toys that they can easily play with, including the ones with a string and a feather at the end of it.

Getting something like a cat condo can also encourage them to jump and run around, which is a good exercise for kitties.


3. Consult a Veterinarian

The best thing you can do for your beloved cat is to visit a veterinarian and ask them for help when it comes to your cat’s weight. Ask if they can make a comprehensive diet for your cat, and how often you should be feeding them. You can also ask them for the proper portions.

Showering your cat with food and kibble is not the only way to show them that you love them. They will have a longer life and will be happier if they are healthy, so make sure to visit your vet on a regular basis!

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