1. Loss of Appetite

One of the most common signs of an illness or disease in cats is their loss of appetite. There are certain diseases that can cause a loss of appetite in cats including anorexia, cardiac failure, tumors, and a lot more, so you should make sure to check with your veterinary if your cat suddenly loses their interest in food.

2. Bad Breath

Yes, bad breath in cats can actually mean that they are sick. Most of the times though, this can only mean that your cat has gum disease or tooth decay, so make sure to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste that is made specifically for cats. You still have to check with your veterinary though, as breath that smells like ammonia can actually be a sign of kidney disease and should immediately be addressed.

3. Change in Grooming Routines

Lack of grooming and over grooming is both a sign of disease in cats. If your cat refuses to groom, this can eventually lead to a dull and greasy hair coat. If your furry friend over grooms, then this might be a sign of skin parasites such as fleas and ticks. This can also mean that mange is present in their skin. Have your veterinary check on them when you notice this type of behavior.

We understand: you only want what’s best for your cats, which is why it is important to give them proper attention and bring them to the pet clinic or hospital whenever they are experiencing these behavior changes.

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