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Nursing Stations

Our Nursing Stations come in 4 sizes:  Mini-mog, Kindle, ElCatar & Alcatraz

Each one is best suited for your pet and the time they will spend recuperating.

  1. Mini-mog: a static crate – suitable for kittens or cats under 3kg. Mostly for sleeping quarters only. (L 60cm x W 45cm x H 52cm)
  2. Kindle: a static crate – suitable for kittens or small cats. (L 75cm x W 50cm x H 57cm)
  3. ElCatar: a collapsible mobile crate; room for a medium sized bed , litter tray and feeding bowls. Suit up to 9kg cats. (L 90cm x W 55cm x H 75cm)
  4. Alcatraz: a solid mobile crate for the bigger cats up to 12kg – room for a medium sized bed, litter tray and feeding bowls. (L 93cm x W 57cm x H 78cm)

Static Crates are perfect if you are at home supervising your pet and can let them out for a time each day.

Mobile Crates are perfect for keeping your kitty close by you especially when coming out of the hospital. Have the cage close at night in your bedroom to make sure they are under watch.

By night, have them in your bedroom so they feel the safety of you nearby. By day wheel them into the family room so they can be part of what’s going on.

You can even wheel these onto the patio or garden as they recover for fresh air and a change of scenery.

Your pet must be supervised when outdoors in your nursing station. Do not leave them unattended outdoors.

The crates are not suitable for extended outdoor use.


Mini-mog (24 Inch Static)

Suitable for kittens or cats under 3kg. Mostly for sleeping quarters only.

Kindle (30 Inch Static)

Suits a small cat or kitten who is only using the cage for restriction of movement. Not big enough for separate litter tray.

ElCatar (36 Inch Collapsible Mobile)

This cage suits cats 6-9kg; has 2 doors on the side plus one at the top. Comfortably holds larger bed, litter tray and feeding dishes.

Alcatraz (36 Inch Solid Mobile)

This cage suits larger cats over 7kgs, or pets requiring extra room due to legs being in a cast. Comfortably holds larger bed, litter tray and feeding dishes.

The Get Well Packs

Everything in the Get Well pack is put there for a reason. We understand that after the trauma, you are not quite sure what you need, so you either overbuy or run out or just don’t have it. So we try and think of some of the items to get you started. It is not a solid list, always a work in progress so if you come up with an idea, please let us know.


This is the number one most important feature. Your pet will be spending 95% of their time in bed. Bolster beds are ideal for cats wearing collars for somewhere to rest their head. We also suggest a selection of small pillows in order to make up their nursing bed for respite.

Face Wipes

Cats are fastidious and often their stress comes from not being able to clean themselves adequately. Wiping their face, ears and paws helps them stay fresh. Often you may have to assist them clean their behind as well.

Simple baby wipes are sufficient but choose unscented ones for sensitive skin. Cats do not appreciate lavender, citrus or fragrant scented options in anything.

Boredom Relief

We provide a few toys so they have something new to focus their attention on. They may not play in the first week of recovery, but as they heal, it stimulates their inquisitive minds.


Have this in the same room as the pet as it is not distracting during sleep hours and makes it easy when you check on them during the night.


This is not just a treat for your pet but very important when it comes to medicine time. Often your pet has lost their appetite and you need to tempt them with different food types. This is also a great reward after they have had their medication. In some cases, pets need to clear their mouth after taking medicine too.

Customised Medicine Chart

This comes with your very own KittyKatRnR medicine chart that goes on your fridge. Fill in the form and then each day for medicine, you can tick it off the list.

Soft Brush & Fine Comb

Cats love being stroked and when they are well, brushing and grooming plays a big part. When they are not well, their grooming skills fail. A gentle comb each day as well as a body massage helps them feel better.

Cat Litter, Tray & Scoop

We recommend the recycled paper/cardboard as the light sand type can get into wounds. Crystal type can hurt their feet. We use unscented as often the scent is purely for humans. If you change their tray daily or as necessary, there should not be an odour. Comes with litter odour spray and litter trial pack. Bulk bags can be ordered.

Feeding Bowls

These are a small size so that you can hand feed when they first come out of hospital. Hand feeding is recommended.

Disclaimer: We will ensure the Get Well packs will include as a minimum the products advertised. We reserve the right to change the Brand of the product advertised due to supply reasons. We guarantee the Get Well Pack will be at a minimum value advertised. If we cannot source the product advertised, we will replace with an item of equal or more value.

Security Cameras

We understand that you want to be with them as much as possible at this time but it is not always possible. With a security camera & phone App, you can be reassured at all times.

We set up the camera and connect to your WiFi Network, help you install the app and then you can keep in contact with them even when you are not in the room.

They may have a bed set up in the bedroom and you can be in the kitchen with the app open on your iPad. The moment they wake up, or start moving around, you can be there. Complete with sound, you can even hear them meowing too.

Delivery & Installation

We come to your house and set up your perfect nursing home for kitty’s recovery.  Starting with measuring the best position possible for your furbaby’s location, moving furniture and connecting the camera (if required).


  1. Measure area, move furniture and review the selected position.
  2. Assemble the nursing station crate and unpack the Get Well pack.
  3. Install the camera on your home network and download the App to your phone (optional).

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Would you like to hear from us?

We send out newsletters with Rehabilitation ideas and Get Well solutions. We even have warm and fuzzy cat stories. If you have a happy Patient Story – we would love to hear from you too.

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