Mayor Stubbs: Remembering Talkeetna’s Feline Mayor on International Cat’s Day 2018!


We never almost hear a town that has a cat as their mayor. Besides, who would have thought this is remotely possible?

Well, get ready to be amazed because today, we will talk about Talkeetna, Alaska’s feline mayor. Stubbs is a ginger tabby who has been elected as the town’s mayor back in 1998. The town has no human mayor, which makes Stubbs in charge of everything around town.

Sadly though, the feline mayor has died over a year ago due to his age. He was 20 years old when he died, though his family claims that he has lived a life full of pleasure and comfortability. He loved drinking water mixed with a little bit of catnip in a margarita glass – a sign that he was meant to be a mayor of a town, after all.

Stubbs used to be vocal about his needs and wants. He loved meowing at people, asking them to pet him and give him belly rubs. He would then sit on your lap and purr for hours, making you feel safe and loved.

The feline mayor was attacked by a dog back in 2013, although luckily, he survived that attack. He went on to live his life after the trauma, which didn’t stop him from enjoying his catnip-filled water. There was also fake news roaming around the internet back in 2016 saying that Stubbs has died. Fortunately, the cat went on to live another year of his fun-filled life.

The family who owned Stubbs has a kitten named Denali, and they said that he has the same prowess as Stubbs, which made him a good candidate as the town’s next mayor. However, it is not clear if they elected Denali as the town’s new mayor after Stubbs died, so we would have to get back to them and see if the town has a new feline mayor as of this day.

The people of Talkeetna will always love and remember Stubbs, and they promised to never forget the feline mayor. He will always be with them in spirit, just lounging around the town’s benches.